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Chief Instructor – Mark Sheridan



WSKF Senshi Karate, was founded by Sensei Mark Sheridan in 2008. Mark Sheridan Sensei has been practicing karate for over 30 years, training with many of the top karate experts in the world. He currently holds the rank of rokudan (6th dan). He was named as WSKF Ireland Chief Instructor in June 2017.Mark was appointed to the WSKF Shihankai (technical commitee) in August 2019.
Mark is the current Irish National all styles kumite coach.
Mark has had a long and successful career as a competitor, winning WSKF World and European titles and 23 national all style title and represented Ireland at WKF world and European Championships.





Leslie Hogan

Leslie Hogan has been practising karate for 25 years. She graded to Sho Dan in 1998, Ni Dan in 2000, San Dan in 200, Yondan Dan in 2007 and Godan in 2018, all gradings by W.S.K.F. chief instructor Sensei Kasuya.  

Whilst embracing all elements of karate she has a special interest in Kata and has been coaching kata for the past 12 years. She is a founder member of W.S.K.F. Ireland.




Niamh Hogan

Niamh Hogan started training Karate at the age of five. Though primarily focusing on traditional Budo Karate, she is also a keen competitor. She won her first competition at the age of 9 and has continued this success to the present day, both Nationally and Internationally.